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Myanmar is the best destination for Myanmar bike tours. Myanmar, known as Burma, entirely the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, is a sovereign state bordered by Thailand, Laos, China, India, and Bangladesh, in Southeast Asia. Naypyidaw is the capital city of Myanmar and the largest city of this country is Yangon (Rangoon).

Myanmar is bordered by the Chittagong Division of Bangladesh and the Mizoram, Pradesh states of India, Nagaland, and Manipur in the northwest. It is bounded by Thailand and Laos to the southeast. Myanmar cycling tours are the best bike tours, exploring Myanmar country, beautiful country, stories about historical, cultural and so on.

Myanmar cycling tours is the best bike tours, exploring Myanmar country
Myanmar cycling tours is the best bike tours, exploring Myanmar country

Myanmar lies at the foot of the Himalayas and is the home of 2 big rivers in Southeast Asia. The combination of a rich and long history, the abundant culture, and the people diversity makes this nation one of the most beautiful and fascinating nations in Asia. After years of isolation, Myanmar is becoming one of the best holiday destinations now in Southeast Asia – and with good reason. It is like traveling 40 years back in time. Cycling tour in Myanmar is the top benefit when you get to experience on the path to the destinations and rich of culture, history. Besides you to share with your friends in Myanmar cycling tours the hardship all the way to go.

Myanmar bike tours are wonderful of adventure cycling in Asia. The country rich of historical, Culture, many old temple and pagoda, Heritage site, Beautiful natural landscape, Mekong river, natural lake, jungle and mountainous.

Cycling tour in Myanmar to explore around the former hill-station of Kalaw in the cool highlands. At a lift of around 1300 meters, riding amongst the Shan, Intha, and Palaung villages – those are a feature of this partly forested upland region. Myanmar adventure can embark on a relaxing boat trip heading down to the wondrous Inle lake where you can also marvel at the Intha fishermen, who famously control to row their boats with just one leg.

Cycling tour in Myanmar, you will have a chance to visit thousands of Buddha statues within the caves of Pindaya. From Pindaya you are heading down to Mandalay. Passing the Shan Plateau to Mandalay – the town that is well-known by having one of the best poems of Kipling, we do biking to the Mingun and Sagaing towns on the Irrawaddy River’s opposite sides.

Cycling tour in Myanmar, you would be able to visit the Mingun Bell and the popular U Bein teak bridge, as well as taking a boat ride on that river. Your bicycle trip on a snaking mountain road to Bagan, cycling through the ancient Ava Kingdom in the south and take a chance to visit the hill-top, unique Mount Popa temple. This would give you a nice downhill ride and you can visit the ancient temple city of Bagan.

The hill-top, unique Mount Popa temple in Myanmar
The hill-top, unique Mount Popa temple in Myanmar

Cycling tour in Myanmar, around the temple city to visit great stupas and pagodas. You will have a day to spend here, exploring some of the hundreds of temples. Bagan used to be the capital of a great empire, ruling over an enormous region. Enjoying the sunset from a prime viewpoint at Bagan.

Myanmar bike tours will allow tourists to strike up a rapport with the local people you meet along the way and to see the very best of this country.

Myanmar cycling tours are the hot destination for nowadays. Many cycling tours in Myanmar group is so interesting Cycling Holiday in Myanmar.

Here are things you will be able to experience in a Myanmar cycling tours:

  • - Explore Kipling’s historic Mandalay
  • - Cycle among the temples of Bagan
  • - Visit the caves of Pindaya
  • - Meet the Intha fishermen at the Inle Lake
  • - Ride the Shan Plateau along the Irrawaddy River
  • - Visit the hill station of Kalaw
  • - Explore fascinating Burma on a bike
  • - Cycling to see the real life along the Mekong River in Myanmar.
Myanmar cycling tours holiday is also the best for the Multi-country cycling tour, Myanmar is borderland with Thailand that can combination cycling adventure tour to Thailand – Cambodia- Vietnam & Laos. It is the best for the longer cycling trip through some countries in Southeast Asia and in Indochina region.

In summary, Myanmar or Burma is considered one of the best countries for Adventure tours and cycling tours, so try opting for a special Myanmar bike tours for your upcoming holiday.

Myanmar Cycling Tours